KUZEYBORU Target Meeting 2015 was held at the Cappadocia Hilton Hotel...

The meeting evaluation of  KUZEYBORU 2015 Targets was held in Hilton Hotel in Capadocia, The opening speech made by Marketing Manager Habib ÖZBEK...
The meeting evaluation of  KUZEYBORU 2015 Targets was held in Hilton Hotel in Capadocia, The opening speech made by Marketing Manager Habib ÖZBEK and and production, investment, sales, meeting the evaluation of the quality objectives Up to 500 mm in diameter HDPE pipe band the completion of the investment in production of KUZEYBORU targeted in the first 6 months of 2015 corrugated pipe lines aimed at creating new capacities. While KUZEYBORU enters 2015 with new production lines number of staff up to 30% of the increase taking the decision decided to make another contribution to the economy of Aksaray. Production system as Lean Manufacturing philosophy was decided to transition and in this regard the Factory and Planning Manager Yunus ÖTEN and Production Manager Ali Özyön through a detailed presentation gave information about lean manufacturing. In the title Export Targets 34 number of different countries, carried out in 2015
taking the decision to remove the 21 countries companies exporting to the very different country from the Aksaray-class is intended to be at the top. In this regard the Aksaray Chamber of Commerce description request export statistics in different branches the meeting is determined by the export department as an agenda item. Speaking at the meeting, General Manager Bülent Karaman Kuzeyboru's going to be a company that made its name in 2015. More our company works with a completely self-resources that the effects of the world economic activity of all SMEs underlined that they will be successful if they reduce the use of foreign sources. You also need to constantly upgrade their export targets that he said that this is a national issue. In the gala dinner after the meeting all employees have reported their individual wishes and closing remarks were made by the Board of Directors Chairman Mustafa TOPGAÇ.

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