The largest of the African Plateaus and the second largest Lake Superior Lake in the East Africa Plateau is the Kampala government for Victoria Lake government (Ministry of Water (MWE) decided to take the steps along with KUZEYBORU as the Ministry of Water Affairs.

      The ministerial delegation from our factory to our High Density Polyethylene Pipes (HDPE), which will take part in Victoria Lake project, visited Aksaray for this long-term project and visited our factory. The Authorities, who have not studied the production lines, have begun work to make the shipment of the pipes from Aksaray with the agreement made.

     Another aspect of the project is the improvement of the quality and efficiency of the world's most famous  in coffee, cotton and sugar cultivation areas.
For the improvement project, the Kuzeyboru Technical Team showed support for the project teams by providing welding methods and flooring training.


     Kuzeyboru Plastik Pipes Company happy to announce the name of our country on the biggest project in Africa while experiencing the happiness of being part of the Victoria Lake project with our High Density Polyethylene Pipes (HDPE).

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