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Pe100 Pipes Technical Table

Hdpe Pipe Weight Calculation and Technical Information

        HDPE pipe wall thickness and tolerances of weights are given in the above table. Hdpe pipe weight calculation hollow cylinder volume calculation by multiplying the density of HDPE Pipes made ​​of PE 100 pipe weight determination. PE 100 Pipe heat treated because of the production phase shows the expansion property and therefore the tolerances table preparing HDPE pipe size must take into account. Production is carried out in the region even if external conditions affect their tolerance values. HDPE pipe wall thickness measurement, HDPE pipe diameter, HDPE pipe weight values ​​such as tolerance values ​​mentioned above were taken when calculating the base. SDR values ​​as well as PN Pressure values are shown in Table. Yellow field in the table refers to the production of non-standard. If you want more details for Hdpe Pipe weight calculation, you can contact with Kuzeyboru Quality & Assurance Department.


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