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General Specification of Polyethylene Pipes


Plastic word in ancient times by the Greeks "bend bendable" is used to mean. Plastic; carbon (C), hydrogen (H), oxygen (O), nitrogen (N) and other organic or given the monomer name created with inorganic elements, in the molecule groups on the simple structure detached, polymers called long chain obtained by converting a structure is the name given to the material. First with plastic material is PVC. PVC material at ambient laboratory by French chemist Henri Victor Regnault in 1835 was obtained by chance. Currently, the most widely used Polyethylene (PE) is the first article in 1898 by German chemist Hans von Pech still bearing material was obtained, which heats the chance diazomethane. The resulting ethylene monomer is obtained by passing through POLYETHYLENE agent That is, after the polymerization process to obtain the plastic raw crude by passing through a series of chemical processes in the ethylene is obtained from the distillation of ethylene monomers. 97% of crude oil used for producing the polyethylene material. So the production of polyethylene raw material is totally dependent on the availability and price of crude oil. Density polyethylene raw material and is divided into 3 main groups according to their crystal structure percent. 

• Low density polyethylene frit 
• Raw medium density polyethylene 
High density polyethylene raw material.


atmosphere  Production TemperatureThe Amount of branched Molecular Chains15 mpa<="" span="">  15>
  High Density PE Medium Density PE Low Density PE 
Density0,945-0,965g/cm3 0,926-0,940 g/cm3 0,910-0,925 g/cm3 
<Production Pressure700 atmosphereatmosphere 
⁰C 100-150 ⁰C 150-200 ⁰C 
4-5 no. /1000 35-50 no. /1000 80 no. /1000 
Cyristal Structure Ratio%90 Cyristal Structure Ratio%70 Cyristal Structure Ratio%60 Cyristal Structure Ratio
Amount of The Transparency%90-95 %85-90 %50-85 
Melting Point135 ⁰C 120 ⁰C 95-105 ⁰C 
MFI (5 Kg/190 °C)0,22-0,60 g/10 min 0,85 g/10 min >0,85 G/10 min
23 <°C’de Breaking Stranght>21 MPa >23 MPa 
23 °C’de Modulus of Elasticity>600 >700 >1000 

MFR Classification of Polyethylene Materials

The class of the raw material of PE Pipes and the condition of the PE Pipes network in the network all calculations are done by determining the safety factor according to this coefficient. 

Safety factor in the natural gas network C = 2.0, drinking water safety factor of transmission lines is taken as C = 1:25.

PB 1,25 
PE 1,25 
PP 1,6 
PVC 2,0 


In burning substances in environments that contain more than 21% oxygen are flammable materials to enter the group. Therefore, PE products are in combustion  group. PE of the Oxygen Index 17%. If more than 17% oxygen in the atmosphere, since the PE raw material environment. 
PE raw material interests of the combustion of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide released. It has features for carbon monoxide poisoning people. The most disadvantageous aspect of PE is high because of the flammability of oil produced. 
DIN 4102-1 and EN 13501-1 standards, polyethylene shows the normal flammable material group. PE 350 ⁰C spontaneously flame temperature. PE fires water, foam, carbon dioxide or calcined powder.

Resistance of PE Raw Material Against Acid and Friction 

Plastic raw material is a non-polar because it has a very high molecular weight material. Therefore chemicals (acids, bases, solvents) shows very strong resistance.


Petrochemical developments have come to the result of plastic raw material diversification developments endpoint. PE raw material of the first phase (PE 32 LDPE) with our 1950 finds use in drinking water pipes. PE 63 developed and raw materials used in the low-pressure system, natural gas system could be used in up to 4 bar. Has been started to use PE 80 raw material after PE 63 usages. Has been used in drinking water and natural gas supply. Beginning of 1990, PE 100 raw material drinking, use of water and natural gas networks has provided high performance and economical solution has been.

           Polyethylene pipe with the first drinking water applications since the 1960s Birlleşik States of America and Canada also made ​​a başlanmıştır.o projects realized in history, still continues to work smoothly. 

• 1st Generation ​​of Raw Materials PA 32 (LDPE), PE 40 (LDPE) PE 63 (HDPE) 
• 2nd Generationof Raw material PA 80 (MDPE), PE 80 (HDPE) 
• 3rd Generation Materials PE 100 (HDPE)

Classification of Polyethylene Pipes

The raw materials used in the manufacture of polyethylene pipe and fittings are classified with MRS. MRS material strength values ​​of 20 ° C is also shown by the internal pressure to 50 years.

PE  32 3.2 
PE  40 4.0 
PE  63 6.3 
PE  80 8.0 
PE  100 10 


Kuzeyboru HDPE Pipes, stands out with its high quality. Our drinking water pipes PE 100 is the latest point reached in developing petrochemical technology generation 3 is produced from HDPE products. 

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)  that has emerged in 1950 with High Density Polyethylene. PE Pipes environmental stress value (σ) of 3.2 MPa to mark the first time developed this product over time, while 6.3 - 8.0 and 10.0 MPa value oxidized to become Polyethylene today. PE 100 pipes, HDPE pipes to increase these values​​, means. 
High environmental stress values ​​a stronger raw material structure, this is achieved by providing more water transmission resistant than the thinner pipe wall thickness. 

As we KUZEYBORU improvements in our quality laboratory We are constantly watching very closely and research. Our Polyethylene Pipe 20 mm - 800 mm are manufactured at the highest quality. Thanks to the properties of polyethylene, ensures that one of the best alternative in the tube type used in pressurized water supply system. Groundwater and surface water supply pressure lines, Sea outfall projects, fish hatchery production used in making cages. 

Polyethylene pipes are used above ground black. In KUZEYBORU production PE100 + group prefers on raw materials. Our PE Pipes produced with high quality raw materials are shipped by individual testing.


 Polyethylene Pipe made ​​as -50 ° C to +60 ° C can be used safely in the heat range is too high. 
 Polyethylene Pipe have at least 50 years service life. 
 Due to the low specific gravity easy to carry and inexpensive of  Polyethylene Pipes. 
 Polyethylene Pipe flexibility is the least affected species because of the earthquake. 
 Polyethylene Pipe ahve good degree of wear, friction and has a rustproof. 
 Polyethylene Pipes is quite durable against chemical agents. 
 Welding and joining methods is quite simple of  Polyethylene Pipes
  Polyethylene Pipe has a good cost-efficiency and performan. 
  Polyethylene Pipe, because no chemical interaction with water to smell the taste of water's appearance, etc. no effect. This is the most preferred species reason for transporting water. 
 PE raw material produced smooth surface because it has a very good compression. Organic substances on the surface does not allow the attachment. 
 Polyethylene Pipes does not electrical conductors. 
 Polyethylene Pipe highly resistant to acids and alkalis. Only damaged by nitric acid. 
 Polyethylene Pipes is resistant to microorganisms.
 Polyethylene Pipes"> do not dissolve in organic solvents.

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