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Kuzeyboru’s Terms of Sales


Kuzey Boru Plastik Ltd. Şti. refers to “KUZEYBORU”. We refer to the “buyer” as the institutions; agencies or individual persons however buy or resell our products and services. The manufactured products or provided services are called “products”. 
Kuzeyboru’s commercial invoices, proforma invoices and commercial contracts are all suitable for the sales terms. Our sales terms are suitable and considered form the Turkish commercial law and the international trade agreements. Terms of sales in this text are valid as long as the buyer expresses against by means of notifying in written. These terms are on behalf of both Kuzeyboru and also Buyer in frame of good faith.


A- All the request that comes to Kuzeyboru from the customers, Price Offer for domestic customers and Proforma Invoices for external customers are respectfully submitted. The requests consisting of on invoice as net costs of requested pipes and fittings, terms of payment , delivery place, time of delivery, offer validity period, and other conditions are clearly written to be sent to the customer. If the customer agree on the invoice and the conditions, he ought to stamp and sign the invoice or the contract that he/she will get from our side. For the domestic requests the VAT (KDV) are not included, the VAT on our offers are additionally stated. The taxes for the international offers are prepared according to the Turkish trade law and legislation. 
B- The price lists of Kuzeyboru’s plastic pipes and fittings are periodically published. The Tax of the costs in the price lists are not included, from our storage area in the factory. For the discount rates that considered for the buyer can be got into from the sales representatives by themselves. Without prior permission kuzeyboru can change and cancel the prices on the price lists. Although we have a price list the sales process are going to be as mentioned in paragraph “A”.


The delivery date of the offers that given from KUZEYBORU are mentioned on it, but these dates are estimated and not binding for Kuzeyboru. After the customer agrees on the offer, these dates can be changes according to the new calculations and the customer will surely be notified. If the approval of the offer is delayed the delivery date will be changed from Kuzeyboru according to the new changes and delayed. For special products or standard products requested on the special conditions for the necessary technical specifications, technical drawings, technical calculations, in the case of delay the production and shipment may be delayed.


All the produced pipes and fittings in kuzeyboru are delivered from the factory site unless something else is written in the invoice. But according to the customer requirements on the offer we can deliver such as construction site, on site and as EXW, FOB, CPT, CIF and any other special conditions the customer wants. Domestic exworks are done as fright bill to transporter, and it is the transporter responsible for acceptance of the goods on behalf of the customer. During export we have to have the following documents from the transporter according to the transport way like CMR from the land transport, B/L from the sea transport and air way bill from the air transport.


If the payments are not made, none of the products will belong to the customer, the products belong to Kuzeyboru untill the commercial invoice is billed. The billed products which are ready to be shipping came into the recipient's possesion.


The terms of payments are clerly indicated on our commercial invoices and contracts. Payments of the goods may be in different options regarding the size of the service and quantity. Our products and services are assessed within the scope of the project products, Kuzeyboru make its own assessment for each bid. This is why Kuzeyboru is free to give any company any price they want. Eventhough the prices are given in the price lists, Kuzeyboru is free to make a discount that they want for any company. For the same Project Kuzeyboru do not agree with giving the same cost under any reason. Payment options and pricing according to the project are directly to the Kuzeyboru as discretion. Payments must be by the through the bank. Domestic sales payments can be done by dated checks. In forward sales Kuzeyboru has the right to ask for assurances. For the international sales the payments are made by direct transfer or L/C . The international sales payments can be made with different plans and for that the customer must contact our sales representatives.


Kuzeyboru have been manufacturing plastic pipes and fittings in a high quality way and according to the standards. The products are controlled by the quality units and the fault products are being replaced by the warranty. İn the case of a fault detection the information will be provided to Kuzeyboru. Maximum in one week  the fault detection must be detected and for that the buyer sign a documents. the fault products will be produced and shipped in 15 days. İn case of any damages it will be covered by insurance. Any damages during installation or unloading the products will be taken immediatly according the insurance policy.


After signing the agreement if there is no problem existing and everything beyond both sides control any emergence events will occur, both sides must take responsibility for meeting the failure and considering it partially or completely. These cases include  natural gas, fuel, electricity, energy and telecommunications services, such as water supplies and shortages, lack of restrictions and / or cuts. The official authorities of the country are concerned about fulfillment of the obligations What makes them impossible to delay decisions or actions or transactions like Strike, lockout, general average, earthquake, war, terrorism, riot, blockade . Failure to get import licenses or cancellation of permissions  taken before and the states that human is not able to prevent and foresee; flood, fire, earthquake and natural disasters. In the event of force majeure should promptly notify each party.


In case of violation of contract both parties subject to judicial remedy.


All contracts and offers are authorized by the Courts of Aksaray in the Republic of Turkey .

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