Production Planning According to Customers's Needs

Our production depends on the customer needs, because of this reason we do our plans for producing not only according to the importance and needs of customer's projects  but also according to financial priorities and we provide with all care to transportation of the products in the shortest , cheapest and safest way to reach the customer.

 HDPE Pipe Handling and Storage

PE pipes and fittings in all areas of transport and storage is very important. Due to the stiffness of the structure are different kinds of PE pipe is the same as for the handling and storage recommendations. Light and easily transportable, durable, flexible material. Pipe markings and signs should not exceed 10% of the maximum pipe wall thickness. Brands deeper than 10% of the written pipes should be considered as non-conforming products.

Customer Oriened Packaging and Transportation

Our customers to minimize the cost of shipping our products are represent shipped by passing nested. Length of pipes to transport rate intertwined with the condition, coil pipe of the same diameter, even in conditions that allow standards to fit large and small coils are filling in the gaps by making the inside of the product. In this case, a very laborious task for our company in the customer-oriented logistics behalf if we do not avoid this situation

Issues to be Considered During Loading

• Shipment will be made in the case of pipes of heavy vehicle's load will be placed on the earth is flat and clean, pointed and sharp objects should be taken to be. 

• Pipe and fittings are placed, while emitting heat or resources that should be careful not to be placed. 
• Pipes and fittings of the vehicle while loading the ends should be placed so as not to touch each other. 
• Special arrangements must be made if the pipes load as horizontal. Bundled pipes can be both horizontally and vertically at the shipment

+ Safety

Our company has got the products storing, loading, shipping and unloading to take on the health and safety is to provide and receive as a mission. Storage transport and installation download and apply safety requirements and is very sensitive to this issue is very important. Our customers, our employees and staff healthy and safe transport to work is very important for us.

+ Delivery Programme

Our customers' production and shipment planning to run a planned and programmed flow of information is provided about the delivery. Warning about possible delays and early deliveries have undertaken.

Shipping Insurance

Our company is handling all storage will occur in the overlay downloads accidents have insurance against damage and security threats. On an annual basis accidents and damage during shipping, our policy is available every product that leaves our stockyard is insured. Stock in our field and our manufacturing unit is also insured. Our products before they are shipped to our customers have in our agreements with reputable shipping company car shipping route information installation information is reported to the insurance company. Our customers and products is guaranteed.

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